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  • Dear colleagues,

             We would like to invite you to the 9-th Arkhangelsk International Medical Scientific Conference of Young Researchers and Students that will take place at the Northern State Medical University (Arkhangelsk, Russia) during April, 25-26 2018.


    Key Sessions of the Conference:

    1. Medicine of the Arctic
    2. Molecular Research in Medicine
    3. Surgery, Traumatology and Orthopedics
    4. Anesthesiology and Intensive Care.
    5. Oncology, Radiodiagnostics and Radiotherapy.
    6. Urgent Pediatrics.
    7. Urgent Ophthalmology.
    8. Dentistry.
    9. Urgent Therapy.
    10. Urgent Obstetrics and Gynecology.
    11. Urgent Psychiatry, Addictology, Psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology and Neurology.
    12.  Theoretical Basis of Clinical Medicine (Biology, Physiology, Chemistry).
    13. Histology, Morphology
    14.  Hygiene, Labor Physiology, Ecology and Security in Emergency Situations.
    15.  Health Medico-social Problems.
    16.  Clinical and Laboratory Hemostasiology.
    17.  Pharmacy and Pharmacology.
    18.  History of Medicine and Science.
    19. High School Pedagogy and Psychology Problems.
    20.  Health-improving Technologies and Healthy Life-style.
    21.  Social and Economical Stability of the Barents Region.
    22.  Naval and Military Medicine.

    Terms and participation formalities.

             If you participate in the Conference (including colleagues from universities and medical doctors aged 35 maximum), observe the following formalities by March, 15, 2018:

    1. In separate files, send the following info to the e-mail address bulnsmu@yandex.ru: a) your application according to the applied form; b) an abstract text (file name, number of the Symposium, surname of the 1st author, format doc., rtf. Ex: 12. Ivanov.doc.); c) a copy of a payment document (scanned pictures of a payment receipt). The subject of the letter: the number and the name of the Symposium, the 1st author’s surname.

    Materials format

             Abstract content: not more than 400 words. Type - Times New Roman Cyr №14 (References – Type №12), 1.5 interval. There should be no hyphenations in the text. Top, bottom and right margins – 20 mm, left – 35 mm. Paragraph shift – 1.25 mm.  

    Abstracts should contain: key words, background (introduction); objectives, methods, results, discussion, conclusions. Tables and drawings should be placed on a separate page after an abstract text.

    All abstracts will be published in English in the Abstract book that will be reviewed and distributed to all the European Universities – partners of the Northern State Medical University.

    Publication form

             A report name should be given in the first line in capital letters (left alignment). An author’s name should be given in the next line. Names of the city, country, a full name of the institution or department where research was carried out, the author's e-mail address for questions should be given in the third line. Names and academic degrees of research supervisors should be stated lower.

    Format example:


    Ivanov I.I.1 , Petrov S.K. 2

    Arkhangelsk, Russia. 1- Northern State Medical University. 2- MHI “City Hospital”, e-mail: ivanov@mail.ru  Research supervisor: Prof. Vrangel S.F.         

             Abstract: The European North... (article text)



    Contact information:

    If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact infoaimsc@gmail.com or the International Cooperation Department – tel. 8(8182) 285759, fax 8(8182) 26-32-26; sumarokovjua@nsmu.ru

    Chairman of the NSMU Student Scientific Society – Zvjalov Alexandr (mob.: +79969217866, e-mail: zavyalov.aleksander2013@yandex.ru)

    Chairman of the NSMU Council of Young Scientists – Postoev Vitalij (mob.: +79214704363. e-mail: vipostoev@yandex.ru)

    Person responsible for guest reception and accommodation – Andrey Paramonov (mob.: +79214748188. E-mail: aparamonovarh@mail.ru )

    Person responsible for abstracts – Andrey Paramonov (mob.: +79214748188. E-mail: aparamonovarh@mail.ru)

    Registration fee

    1. Organizational materials, participation in the Conference, abstract publication – 15 EUR
    2. Organizational materials, participation in the Conference, abstract publication + a copy of the printed “NSMU Bulletin”, postal charges – 30 EUR.


    Official languages: Russian, English


    Search for sponsors:

    1. Provision of a work place – for demonstration and distribution of promotional materials at plenary and break-out meetings – 70 EUR.
    2. Publication of promotional materials in the Conference Digest (color printing on ¼ of  A4 sheet) – 50 EUR.
    3. Promotion, report at break-out meetings – 200 EUR.
    4. Title of the Conference sponsor – 1000 EUR.

    Person responsible for advertisement and cooperation with sponsors –Andrey Paramonov (E-mail: aparamonovarh@mail.ru)

    Steering Committee address: Northern State Mediсal University, # 51 Troitsky Pr., Arkhangelsk 163001, Russia, tel/fax 7 (8182) 286595 infoaimsc@gmail.com


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